Memories of the Hunt – A Thanksgiving First

November 17th, 2020 – Memories of the Hunt | Harvesting Nature

“The report of the rifle ringing in my ears and the events that had previously unfolded plucked my cognizant abilities, tossing them candidly into the crisp November dusk. I felt as though I were strolling through a Pink Floyd tune, my body operating on autopilot as my mind replayed a thousand frames per second, scouring the details of the past 120 seconds.”

Thanksgiving hunts are timelessly special, particularly when family and “firsts” are involved. The emotion and exhilaration of this chubby teenager taking his first white-tailed deer, Thanksgiving 1996, inspired a lifetime of outdoor pursuits.

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The author in his heftier youth, age 16, with the coveted first white-tailed deer.