Down-rigging for Spring Kokanee

Peering over the gunnel of a 24-foot Wooldridge, the high snow-capped peaks towered over the cold blue of Lake Chelan, Washington. Whitecaps broke and lapped at the shoreline as high gusts blew a fine spray off the top like dust from a table. Five of us cast shifty glances, kicked gravel, and hoped someone else would make the call; either go for it or go home. With reluctant agreement, we filed aboard the vessel with tempered enthusiasm. There were no alternatives. It was too early in the spring to fish most other waters, due either to regulations or incredibly cold or high water. With nothing to lose, except maybe our lunch from being tossed by the swells, we seized an opportunity to probe the depths for one of the west’s intriguing adipose fins.

Did you know there are at least 78 lakes and reservoirs with fishable kokanee populations between Washington State and Wyoming?  Kokanee are landlocked sockeye salmon that offer exciting opportunity in deep water when other fisheries may not be open or fishable. Read more at Angler Pros.

Trumbo Downrigging for Kokanee 3