FEBRUARY 2022Wingshooting the Palouse is Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Ingram, and was published in cooperation with Keokee Books.

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Trumbo’s love for his setters comes through in vivid detail, as does his passion for open spaces and the hunt itself. His impressive descriptions of the landscape complement the intensity of his dogs on point, before the eruption of wings takes your breath away.

-Dennis Dauble, Author of Chasing Ghost Trout,

Trumbo masterfully paints brilliant scenes of habitats, grand Eastern Washington terrain, loyal hunting dogs, shotguns, and his passionate pursuit of upland birds. The colors, sounds, and smells of upland habitat and birds on the wing come alive within the pages of this boo

-Richy Harrod, Executive Producer, Harrod Outdoors

Wingshooting the Palouse is a heartfelt collection of essays on upland bird hunting with Llewellin setters running the grasslands of Eastern Washington and beyond. From covey birds on the sage-steppe to forest grouse, Trumbo presents grand vistas, high-tailed points, and the explosive flush of some of America’s most sought-after upland game birds in ornate detail. Passionate upland pursuits place the reader in the scene to experience the colors of the landscape, the giddy anticipation of the flush, and the heart-stopping rush of wingbeats. Building the hunter/canine partnership, tasting wingshooting perfection, enjoying mystifying mistakes, and embracing cultural history make up a fraction of the ground covered among the pages of this collection that is sure to resonate with any upland hunter.