Harvesting Nature Magazine – Seep Lakes Rainbows

The warm rays of the early March sun cast across my shoulders, combating the fifty-something degree water that encapsulated my lower body. The drag on my five-weight fly reel zinged against the heavy pressure of a desert rainbow making haste for the opposite end of the small lake. Among the shoreline reeds, red-winged blackbirds cackled and waterfowl bobbed. I was about to land my first trout on the fly since fall, kicking off spring in the Central Washington scablands in grand fashion.

The Central Washington Scablands are a veritable waterfowl, wildflower, and rainbow trout paradise in spring. A day with a fly rod and float tube can be epic.

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Harvesting Nature Magazine – Continuing the Collared Dove Tradition

“I pulled the stock and barrels of the sleek Ruger “Red Label” twelve-gauge over/under from the green, leather-lined canvas case. It had been a little over a year since the fine double gun had seen the light of day, and nearly two years since it saw an upland bird season. It was odd to see it in my hands instead of Marvin’s.

As I stepped away from the truck, memories surface of the hunt prior in this same cover. Marvin and his bird dog, Felix, accompanied me beneath the pines and honey locust as we roused a staggering number of collared doves. Marvin carried the Red Label on every one of our upland hunts over the years, and our last collared dove hunt turned out to be our final hunt. Two short months later, the cancer that Marvin had nearly beaten finally bested him.

“Let’s see how I do with this thing” I spoke into the wind, as if Marvin was there with me.”

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